Joris de Groot (born 1988 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands) graduated in 2013 at the Artez University of the Arts product design department in Arnhem. De Groot is a designer searching for the tension between craftsmanship and industry in his work. Interested in collaborating with the industry, De Groot creates his own workplace within the factory grounds. Once familiar with the process of the existing techniques, De Groot experiments with the available machinery and materials for new innovative uses.

Click here to watch the movie of the Weld Bag (BA graduation project)

Artez University of the Arts, BA Product Design - 2013
The factory is my playground, searching for new possibilities with the tools I can find.



Studio Joris de Groot designs extern for wallet brand Secrid. For this innovative Dutch brand he is researching materials, techniques and design and develops new collections.


Rosefield, a brand which is known for their beautiful watches, asked Studio Joris de Groot to advise them by designing and developing visual merchandising.

Age of Wonderland

Create a backpack that contains everything a journalist needs.


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Low & Bonar

Studio Joris de Groot is asked to create new products with the nonwoven textile Colback, from Low & Bonar.


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