Exhibition 2000N Pressed Shoe at Schoenenkwartier

BLOG 2024.9
Date 29 February, 2024
Subject Visit the exhibition 2000N Pressed Shoe at Schoenenkwartier
Good news! The 2000N Pressed Shoe is presented at the Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk.
The entire process from car interior to shoe is exhibited here, including the new collaboration with Schoenenkwartier. At the Shoe lab we were able to further develop the collection by making soles inspired by different types of car tyres.


BLOG 2023.8
Date 7 July, 2023
Subject Kandulair

New collab! Recently we’ve got the opportunity to explore the machinery park of Contour Covering Technology for their newly launched label: ‘Cut Out Design’. To create new products for their home collection, we dove into ways to create 3D objects from 2D flat sheet material using the materials and techniques available in their factory.


Milan designweek 2019

BLOG 2019.7
Date 7 April, 2019
Subject We would like to invite you for our exhibition during the Milan designweek!

From 9th of April till 14th of April 2019 we exhibit during Milan designweek! We would like to welcome you at Alcova Sassetti, Via Filippo Sassetti 31 in Milan. During the exhibition “The factory is my playground” Studio Joris de Groot will show various collaboration projects, all started from the factory floor. 

Thank you for visiting us in Milan!

BLOG 2018.6
Date 10 July, 2018
Subject Milan Design Week 2018, Salone del Mobile

We look back at a great presentation at Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan. Last April the entire Pleated Seat collection together with a photo series of the inspiration behind the collection was on show at FuturDome, a new venue of Ventura Projects. (more…)

We look back at a successful DDW 2017!

BLOG 2017.5
Date 25 November, 2017
Subject Exhibition Dutch Design Week 2017, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The last months we were very busy with the preparations for Dutch Design Week 2017. Saturday 21th of October was the day we opened the doors of the Low & Bonar In4nite exhibition at the TQ building at Strijp, Eindhoven with some music, drinks and good design. (more…)

in4nite at Dutch Design Week ‘17

BLOG 2017.3
Date 15 October, 2017
Subject exhibition, Eindhoven, Netherlands

During Dutch Design Week 2017 the Low & Bonar in4nite project will be launched. In4nite is an exceptional collaboration between Low & Bonar, marketleader in high performance materials and ten designers with substantial background in various disciplines.


Radio Backpack nominated for WSIS price!

BLOG 2017.2
Date 13 June, 2017
Subject Radio Backpack nominated

The Radio Backpack project of former Age of Wonderland fellow Iman Abdurrahman and Studio Joris de Groot is selected by WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) as Champion for category 12 e-environment. The mobile radio station functions as a mini-database by collecting and sharing data to predict future natural disasters such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. This is just one step away to winning the major prizes. The announcement of its main winner will be during the WSIS Forum 2017, 12-16 June, in Geneva.


fdfa pop-up expo!

BLOG 2017.1
Date 24 May, 2017
Subject Exhibition Arnhem

Studio Joris de Groot is invited to show their work during the Fashion & Design festival in Arnhem. Together with the other designers from his workshop building HE Studio’s, they have build an interesting pop-up expo. Which is based on the idea that it should be experienced from outside the exhibition space.


They turned an empty store in the centre of Arnhem in a pop-up exhibition which can be seen as an threedimensional haute couture window shopper.

Exhibition: 2 June till 3 July (doors open every Saturday)