Date 7 July, 2023
Subject Kandulair
The Kandulair is designed in a way it can easily implemented and produced within Contour's existing processes.

New collab! Recently we’ve got the opportunity to explore the machinery park of Contour Covering Technology for their newly launched label: ‘Cut Out Design’. To create new products for their home collection, we dove into ways to create 3D objects from 2D flat sheet material using the materials and techniques available in their factory.

While playing with their laser cutting machine and powder coat street the design candle holder named the ‘Kandulair’ came into being. The Kandulair is designed in a way it can easily be implemented and produced within Contour’s existing processes. 


The Kandulair is the first design we released for this label. This candle holder is designed in such a way the product stands on its own as a secure holder, without any screws, welding or glue, as the surface is put under tension by clamping the candle inside the holder. The parts of the Kandulair are laser cutted and powder coated. It is packaged in custom-made product packaging, also made in their factory in Winterswijk, The Netherlands. 


The Kandulair comes in three models and four different colours. You can mix the different colours among the candle holders, allowing you to create your own unique Kandulair. 


To shop the Kandulair, head over to the webshop: Cut Out Design