Bandwallet TPU


Studio Joris de Groot designed the new wallet collection for Secrid: the Bandwallet TPU. This innovative Dutch brand, known for their smart wallets, creates high quality products with an eye for the environment and people, in cooperation with social enterprises throughout the Netherlands. Studio Joris de Groot has been working together with Secrid on various projects since 2014, ranging from designing new models to experimenting with new production processes for their products. We see the creation of the new Bandwallet TPU as a celebration of our close relationship. 


Inspired by products, materials and techniques from the protective workwear industry such as safety shoes, we went on the journey together to create an almost indestructible wallet made from a new material as a sustainable alternative to leather. We developed a TPU material ourselves with an Italian producer of TPU materials for footwear, in order to know what the material is made of and to make sure it has the right properties for this use. During the creation of this new wallet we were able to continue the research we once started at Dolfing Druten into the high frequency welding technique. The design of this wallet originates from the details of this technique, and ensures a strong seamless connection as well as it creates functional details. Next to this we introduced a closure of woven elastic, which keeps everything in place. 


For this new wallet we were able to use the factory floor of Dolfing Druten as a playground again, known from our earlier project: The Weld Bag series in 2013. By involving partners at an early stage in the process, we have succeeded in setting up a production in this way. 


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Photography by: Secrid: Anouk Moerman, Stijn Hoekstra
Made of a strong and durable TPU, as sustainable alternative to leather.
A new closure of the wallet keeping everything in tight, consisting of a woven elastic.
Seamless design constructed by the welding technique which ensures a strong connection as well as functional details.
A drop-shaped opening, to easily slide out your cards.
The Secrid cardprotector protecting your most important cards.
Secrid Bandwallet TPU
in production
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