Pleated Seat


For the Pleated Seat collection Studio Joris de Groot was inspired by the production processes of air filters, a product partly made of Colback. Inspired by the construction of filters made of different layers and materials, Joris started his research for designing a new product.


Especially the structure of the pleated Colback and the strength that this material brings into the product, was key for the design. During this project Studio Joris de Groot collaborated with a factory with a specialization in laminating textiles and a factory specialized in pleating, two processes that are important in the production of filters.


In search for the right strength, visual effect and tactility Joris combined different materials with Colback and played with various pleating patterns. The collection seatings created by Studio Joris de Groot offers a new application possibility for Colback in combination with different materials, using existing industrial techniques in a new way.


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Photography by: Lonneke van der Palen
The textile of the seat is a pleated structure. This pleating technique is normally used for the production of Air filters
The pleated structure is a combination of Colback laminated with felt. Two materials that together provides the right strength.
The metal frame guides the textile and forms the shape of the seating
Pleated Seat
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