Radio Backpack

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Age of Wonderland is a collaborative initiative by Baltan Laboratories, Hivos and the Dutch Design Foundation. It brings together creative makers and thinkers from all over the world to collaborate and share knowledge and create social change across the globe. Out of necessity of Indonesian journalist Iman Abdurrahman, Iman and Studio Joris de Groot join their forces in order to create a radio backpack that can broadcast live from disaster areas. This resilient backpack will contain a mini radio station, powered by long-lasting batteries and mini solar panels, as well as a mini database that makes data accessible that is necessary to predict upcoming disasters such as tsunamis and volcano outbursts. The Backpack Radio Station can be a life saver for people living in one of the remote communities of the over 17.000 islands of Indonesia, who have no access to information and communication through ICT.


Studio Joris de Groot is responsible for the design and development of the backpack. The backpack is made out of water- and fireproof lightweight aramid materials. These materials are normally used in extremely protective fire fighting suits. In this design process, De Groot collaborates with Ten Cate, world leader in the production of protective fabrics.,,

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The backpack contains a reinforced suitcase to securely store the radio in the bag.
This pocket allows quick access to all the necessities that are essential to radio broadcasts in case of an emergency.
The entire backpack is easily closed with a protective cover.
The backpack is made of materials that are normally used in extremely protective workwear, such as fire protection and military equipment. This makes the backpack waterproof and fire and scratch resistant.
Pocket to carry a large antenna, which is essential for a wide radio broadcast range in the area.
The bottom is made of a coated material that provides extra protection. This material is normally applied in knee pads of extremely protective workwear.
Radio Backpack

Bag contents
– 15 watt FM transmitter for radio wave transmission
– 2 long-lasting batteries
– Transmitter antenna
– Solar cells
– Satellite Phone
– 3 Portable radio’s
– Cables
– Tablet
– Smartphone
– 2 walky talkies
– Headphone
– First aid kit
– Clothes
– Tent

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