Weld Stool ALU

The Weld Stool Aluminum is the new version of his plastic brother the Weld Stool.


For the project Weld Stool Aluminum, De Groot has collaborated with a company that is specialized in exclusive metal solutions. The constructive welds are left unfinished and become an aesthetically detailed finish. This collaboration has created a refined model of the Weld Stool in anodized aluminum.


The form is based on the normal Weld Stool, achieved by doing research on the folding technique which Charles Eames applied to his Plywood experiments in 1946. This way of designing provides the strength, the detail for technique, and an easy manufacturing process.


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The delicately formed aluminum creates a flat seating surface. Because of this the Weldstool Alu is multifunctional, next to a stool it can also serve as a table.
The stool is made of aluminum and subsequently treated with an anodization layer. This ensures for a soft color and a subtle protective layer.
The rough weldingline provides a strong construction and serves as an aesthetic contrasting detail within the design.
Weld Stool ALU
In production
46 cm
36 cm
36 cm
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